Design Arcade

A-104B, Research & Development Block, IIIT-Delhi

Director/Supervisor: Aman Samuel (Visiting Faculty, HCD, IIIT-Delhi) and Anoop Ratn (Visiting Faculty, HCD, IIIT-Delhi)

Every year students and faculty of CDNM create digital or physical systems for serving a societal need or exploring novel ways of interactions, however, a proper showcase was difficult to organize due to lack of space conducive to minimalistic and serene requirements of design presentations. We created a hall with a large projection screen, motorized curtains, overhead lights, overhead projector, and outlets for a successful interactive design exhibition. The space could also be used during other design-related activities such as the TEDx conference.

Accessibility & Inclusive Design (AID) Lab

A-418, Research & Development Block, IIIT-Delhi

Director: Dr. Richa Gupta

Accessibility and Inclusive Design Lab aims at enabling independent living and empowering persons with special needs by making the world more inclusive and accessible. It attempts to address the challenges that hamper independent and easy access to educational resources as well as information that facilitates navigation (both indoor and outdoor). This lab leverages the principles of human-centered design to create convenient and pleasant day-to-day experiences while solving problems, particularly for persons with special needs.

We are an interdisciplinary team of researchers, engineers, and designers who are passionately working towards research and projects in the domain of assistive technology, inclusive design, and accessibility. Our process follows participatory design models and relies on human interaction and feedback at each step of the design thinking process. Right from identifying potential gaps and challenges through user and field research; design and development processes to the deployment of potential solutions for user evaluation, our process is human-centered.

We are also working on fundamental research on perceptual fundamentals of design which aims at understanding behavioural and cognitive precepts in information acquisition and learning through empirical research.


A-418, Research & Development Block, IIIT-Delhi

Director: Dr. Aman Parnami

Gaming & Animation Lab under the supervision of Dr. Aman Parnami (Assistant Professor, HCD, IIIT-Delhi) works on gaming, animation, and related concerns such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality demand a dedicated space with high-end workstations such as the latest iMac and motion tracking equipment. It also offer several pioneering courses internally and externally on topics ranging from game design, 2D and 3D animation, and motion graphics.

Cognitive Science Lab

B-218, Research & Development Block, IIIT-Delhi

Director: Dr. Sonia Baloni Ray

Cognitive Science is the study of mind and intelligence and shares rich interdisciplinary knowledge across Psychology, Neuroscience, Computer Science, Linguistics, Anthropology, Philosophy, Education, and Media Studies. Goals of Cognitive Science: To understand and model the mind and its processes like attention, memory, executive functions by utilizing ideas and approaches from the complementary disciplines.

Audio Visual Studios Thumbnail

A-101 & A-104, Research & Development Block, IIIT-Delhi

Director/Supervisor: Aman Samuel (Visiting Faculty, HCD, IIIT-Delhi) and Anoop Ratn (Visiting Faculty, HCD, IIIT-Delhi)

Audio Visual studios are designed to exhibit academia's research and intellectual capital onto Digital and Innovative Media platforms. These studios will help students prepare a comprehensive understanding of the modern media landscape through a blend of focused study and hands-on practice and research. The habitat fosters students to advance in knowledge and widespread learning on the challenges and innovations of the new digital media era.

The studios consist of 3 units, Audio Studio, Video Studio, and a Production Control Room. These are equipped with 4k Multi cameras, switcher, capture devices, Led lights, Gimbal cranes, sliders, Microphones, Midi controllers, and multi-track audio recording equipment, ready to harness the very best of virtual production technology.
The Audio-Visual Lab is currently under the supervision of Aman Samuel (Visiting Faculty, HCD, IIIT-Delhi) and Anoop Ratn (Visiting Faculty, HCD, IIIT-Delhi).

Design & Innovation Lab Thumbnail

B-004, esearch & Development Block, IIIT-Delhi

Contact: Abhijeet Mishra (Design Lab Manager)

Design & Innovation Lab under the supervision of Aman Parnami (Assistant Professor, HCD IIIT-Delhi) offers a unique opportunity for students for prototyping of their ideas and thereby inculcate the habit of innovation, which can be useful for society, community, research so as to improve quality of life human beings live and promoting Do-It-Yourself attitude.

Explore and engage:

  • » Learn in a garage-like (Design and Innovation) atmosphere
  • » Train with workshops for wood-cutting, grinding, metal-working, welding and more
  • » Understand the work ethics of a lab
  • » Learn how to operate hand and power tools
  • » Cultivate a habit of observing safety rules
  • » Experience the joy of building things yourself
  • » Learn from experts through regular demonstrations, classes, and workshops
  • » Become a well-rounded engineer

Human - Machine Interaction Lab Thumbnail

A-413, Research & Development Block, IIIT-Delhi

Director: Dr. Jainendra Shukla

At the Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) lab, we investigate novel interaction mechanisms to empower human-machine cooperation. HMI Lab is an initiative founded by Jainendra Shukla (Assistant Professor, CSE & HCD, IIIT-Delhi). The research at HMI lab lies at the intersection of Computer Science, Design, and Psychology. HMI lab provides a unique facility for talented individuals, including computer scientists, designers, and philosophers coming from Ph.D., master as well as undergraduate levels. The collaborative spirit of these talented individuals is employed to design and evaluate novel mechanisms of human-machine interaction for a wide range of application areas such as healthcare, education, entertainment, and training.

Multimodal Digital Media Analysis (MIDAS) Lab Thumbnail

A-415, Research & Development Block, IIIT-Delhi

Director: Dr. Rajiv Ratn Shah

MIDAS is a group of researchers at IIIT-Delhi who study, analyze, and build different multimedia systems for society leveraging multimodal information. MIDAS stands for Multimodal Digital Media Analysis Lab and it is founded by Rajiv Ratn Shah (Assistant Professor, CSE & HCD, IIIT-Delhi).

MIDAS work includes Machine Learning, Multimedia Content Processing, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Multimodal Computing, Data Science, and Social Media Computing towards AI for Social Good. We believe in multidisciplinary collaborative research and work closely with eminent researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Georgia Institute of Technology, The University of Texas at Austin, National Institute of Informatics (NII), Bloomberg, SLTI, and others.

Weave Lab Thumbnail

A-416, Research & Development Block, IIIT-Delhi

Director: Dr. Aman Parnami

Weave Lab under the supervision of Aman Parnami (Assistant Professor, HCD, IIIT-Delhi) works on interactivity that is weaved into everyday objects and experiences. Weavers envision as well as discover through critical observations new opportunities for human-computer interactions. Through extensive research on material and technologies, WEAVE prototypes manifestations of ideas, which are then iteratively improving. Weavers applied research approach interweaves basic research with which contributions to the advancement of the technologies is leveraged.