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Welcome to the Center for Design and New Media (supported by Tata Consultancy Services, a TCS Foundation Initiative). The Center is unique in the country and brings together researchers in the areas of design, computer science, and new media, to conduct research and education in areas of Interaction Design, HCI, New Media, Animation, Film & Video, Gaming, etc., and how they can be leveraged effectively in domains like education, healthcare and transportation. The Center's objectives are:
1. To undertake world-class research programs in Interaction Design and New Media.
2. To develop the next generation of engineers for industry sectors like IT products & service design, animation, and gaming, virtual reality, etc.
3. To engage actively with industrial, government, and civil society partners for collaborative innovation and for strengthening the ecosystem in the country in these areas.

The center plans to focus on advancing the research and development activities including but not limited to domains like Human-Computer Interaction(HCI), Interaction Design, Multimedia, Graphics, Games, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and New media. Headed by Dr. Jainendra Shukla (Assistant Professor, IIIT-Delhi), the center will be working closely with academic and industrial partners to reach greater heights and fulfill the vision of its inception.
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Faculty & Achievements

With a variety of dynamic faculty members, the center has made a substantial contribution in Research domains like Interaction Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Animation, Social Media, HCI for Social Good, Social Robotics, Product Design, Menstrual Health Education, ICTD, Substantial Lifestyle, Artificial intelligence in Speech Recognition, etc. and has published over 30+ Publications in top Avenues like CHI, IEEE, ESEM, AAAI, Elsevier Knowledge-Based Systems, InterSpeech, ACM, etc.

In terms of events, the center organized 50+ outreaches including - Workshops, Poster sessions, Guest lectures, and 450+ Innovative projects by undergraduate students. With the focus on growth in terms of research themes, the center has organized Research Showcase under the theme 'Human-Centered Design’ at ‘Research, Innovation and Incubation Showcase’ (RIISE 2020)” with 100+ external visitors, 30+ research poster demonstrations & 5+ keynote sessions in diverse areas ranging from HCI, Wearable computing, Gaming, Visual Design, Menstrual Health, etc.