With internet expanding in all spheres of life, and most industries increasing their web presence and interactivity with their stakeholders and customers, demand for incorporating good design thinking and interaction design with rich media is increasing in all businesses. This is true for the large software service providers also as customers are demanding better user experience. New media, an amalgam of digital media (including social media) with interactive user feedback and user participation, is today at the heart of many aspects of design and entertainment. In addition, it also forms the heart of areas like social media, user experience and interactivity, gaming, virtual/augmented reality, etc., which have a huge untapped potential in India.
Both of these areas – Interaction Design and New Media – have strong synergies between them, and are also tied strongly to computing and IT. With increasing focus on user experience, the importance of Interaction Design and Design Thinking is also increasing rapidly in IT based products and services. New/Digital media is at the heart of many aspects of design, as well as areas like social media, gaming, virtual/augmented reality, etc. In India these areas – Interaction Design and New Media – have not received due attention.

Goals and Focus Areas of the Center

The center has these main goals:
  • Have a world-class research program in Interaction Design and New Media.
  • Develop the next generation of engineers for industry sectors like IT product / services design, animation and gaming, virtual reality, etc.
  • Engage actively with industrial partners for collaborative innovation and for strengthening the ecosystem in the country in these areas.
The center focuses on research and development in disciplines that are strongly related to IT, that includes:
  • Interaction Design, Experience Design 
  • Human Computer interaction (HCI)
  • Multimedia, Graphics, Social Media 
  • Animation, Computer Gaming, Virtual Reality, Entertainment 

The R&D domain areas are:  Education, Healthcare, Transportation, and Digital Governance. For such domains, as solutions need to be tailored to the immediate social context in which they are applied, the Center works closely with social bodies such as NGOs, Schools, Hospitals, etc. to co-create innovative design and media solutions for problems in these areas.